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   July 2009
   April 2009

Introduction - "Design Concepts of the Far East"

May I take this opportunity to introduce our business Suttonwood Interiors and Antiques and welcome you to our website, including an overview of our large product range and professional services available.

We allow a unqiue platform for our Company to provide our clientele with an integrated experience in attaining stylish Home Furnishing and a variety of Decor Accessories.

Our vision and combined extensive inventory will add a dimension to your relaxed lifestyle both in home entertainment and luxury indulgence.

By your visitation to our website and Showroom situated in the Dynamic Soulard District of St. Louis, USA you will encounter a virtual experience in design expressions that compliment your Lifestyle.

We look forward to being of assistance and please be ensured that by utilising our product lines or services then customer satisfaction will be created and a friendly, long standing relationship will be established.

Peter J. Randall
Managing Director

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