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   July 2009
   April 2009

Interior Design

On its part Suttonwood has previously provided its own Interior Design Service within St Louis and the mid-west region of the United States.

This division has been driven by client request and has developed from our Company Division in Singapore. During the last five years our clientele both corporate and individual have utilised our services in a variety of channels.

At our St Louis Showroom we have established our own Interior Design Division with the following being available.

  • In-house Interior Designer available
  • Client consultation and Conceptual Drawings
  • I.T support and Residential Layout
  • Space planning
  • Commercial and Office Projects
  • Instant access to selected Furnishings & Accessories
  • Architect/Builder Consultation


By being associated with Suttonwood our clients will have the knowledge that they are involved with a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated in bringing your Home or Corporate Office to life and a dream reality.

The following are some of the perceived benefits by using our joint services:

  1. Product Availability

    Most Interior Designers or Decorators do not have the range of product or Accessories that their client requests unlike the variety available at own Suttonwood Showroom. Our buyers work in tandem with our Interior Design Division enabling our clients a large selection of products.

  2. Affordability

    By using our Interior Design Division, our clients will be provided an overall package encompassing both Interior Design and the required Furnishing simulating in a cost saving outlay for the client.

  3. Time

    As we know our clients time is important and by providing the above creative services we believe our clients will have more time to allocate to their own lifestyle.

  4. Communication

    The ingredient in client sastifaction is the ability to understand our clients needs and our ability to translate these needs into reality.

  5. Layout Drawing and Plans

    Suttonwood will provide computer generated 3D drawings. Upon client approval this will enable the client an innovative understanding of an appealing Home or Corporate Office Design.

We are committed to providing a tailored package encompassing all of the above essentials that will be structured in a time-effective and cost efficient manner to the complete sastifaction of our client.


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