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   July 2009
   April 2009

Direct Sales - International

Our expertise over the years has enabled us to provide containers direct from our International destinations.

Business people have found more economical sense for their business to purchase from our company and for us to ship directly from our warehouse locations.

Our clients have recognized that this conducive arrangement is most effective allowing themselves further time in the management of sales at their own retail showroom. Also due to the product volume and purchasing power of Suttonwood, we are able to provide an affordable package for these international retail outlets.

"Start up" and existing companies as far as Norway have engaged in our services.

Areas that we provide are:

  • Professional Packing
  • Product Manifest
  • Administration
  • Individual Product Description
  • Suggested Retail Price
  • Digital Photo Images on Computer Disc in sequent order to product description.

Please contact us for further information.


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